The unusual bio of Jeff Baij consists of things he likes and things he’s afraid of. The irony of what he likes (which he claims to be people who view is website) is that he puts up comments that ridicule his art. He’s afraid of hippos, chimpanzees, event horizons, uncontrolled spillways, fatal¬†familial¬†insomnia, and running out of flashlight batteries when in the mines of paris. He currently lives in Venice, CA.

Baij’s art consists mostly of digitally manipulated images and some text pieces with some video and sound bits. There may have been more that I am unable to identify. I particularly liked the section entitled “Animals made out of things.” I thought it was wonderfully creative and unique. I loved that he used non animal things to create the shapes of animals. Overall I feel like his art is a joke meant to be played on his viewers in some cases. His titles of pieces and website arrangement is part of his art, and frequently they are so ridiculous that you know it’s to mess with you. I was actually amused by the fact that he hasn’t made much money from the sale of his artwork (less than 70 dollars) and it actually made me appreciate what he does more. He should also consider himself lucky that I’m even doing this blog post, since I did the extra credit that exempted me from one of my posts. I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t amused by his work.