Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer went to Ohio University, Rhode Island School of Design, and the Independent Study Program at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Holzer was originally an abstract artist, focusing on painting and printmaking; after moving to New York City in 1977, she began working with text as art. She was also an active member of the artists group Colab. Holzer is mostly known for her large-scale public displays that include billboard advertisements, projections on buildings and other architectural structures, as well as illuminated electronic displays. The main focus of her work is the use of words and ideas in a public space.

I really liked how a lot of Holzer’s work is text based. Not just because it looks nice but because it gives something different to her work that you don’t see in most artists. A lot of her pieces are meant to be seen in a special light which really brings out her words. I couldn’t pick a favorite but since a lot of her pieces are focused around the text and less on the aesthetics it is easy for the pieces to merge together. All of them have a lot of clear meaning though, for anyone who is literate.

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Digi Arts Reflection

Honestly, this class was what I expected. Luckily what I expected was great things. My views on what digital art can be have not changed drastically, but now I know I am able to articulate my opinions through my newfound knowledge of photoshop. I feel like what I am capable of through digital art has been greatly enhanced and it’s really true when one says digital art can be anything. Your limits are only what you confine yourself too. This class has taught me that in some of the vast projects I have seen.

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Proof of work

Well I spent approximately 9 hours with a camera glued to my face like this:

I came out with many photos like this:

Then I spent around 4 hours editing pictures in the form of cropping, increasing saturation and contrast….

Eventually it all came together to make this…. and I had to wait an hour for it to print at Staples

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Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello is a visual and sound artist, who as originally a punk guitarist. Vitiello was a resident artist at the World Trade Center in 1999 where he recorded sounds from the 91st floor using home-built contact microphones. Vitiello has had solo exhibitions of sound installations, photographs and drawings at multiple museums and galleries.

I was somewhat disappointed because I think the sound installations of Vitiello would not be worth seeing unless in person. I am particularly interested in his work “Something Like Fireworks.” I think it would very thrilling to see in person. I liked how he will have viewers lie on their back and look straight up into his light installation. I feel that this kind of presentation is very unique and puts the viewers in a certain state of mind, which therefore engrosses them in the work even more. I noticed this seems to be the case with other pieces of his work.

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Muybridge Excercise

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Bill Viola

Bill Viola was born on January 25, 1951 and grew up in Queens and Westbury, New York. He is a contemporary video artist, and he is considered to be the leading figure in artists whose work depends on electronic, sound and image technology. His work is primarily themed around human experiences like birth, death, and aspects of consciousness. He graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and has studied at the College of Visual and Performing Arts. He has been invited to show work and teach and numerous prestigious institutions.

I really appreciated the deeper meaning behind all of Viola’s work. That of “An Ocean Without a Shore” was very interesting and I really liked how he had the intention of challenging the viewer. I particularly liked “The Quintet Series.” This piece forced the viewer to watch the video multiple times so thoroughly understand the movements of each actor. I feel like he really shows how much human’s miss out on in life, even when it’s in slow motion like that. I think it really showed how each person’s perception of life is so different in the expressions of the actors and the amount of times I had to watch the video. Combined with the funny expressions on the people’s faces it made the piece as a whole enjoyable and insightful.

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Jeff Baij

The unusual bio of Jeff Baij consists of things he likes and things he’s afraid of. The irony of what he likes (which he claims to be people who view is website) is that he puts up comments that ridicule his art. He’s afraid of hippos, chimpanzees, event horizons, uncontrolled spillways, fatal familial insomnia, and running out of flashlight batteries when in the mines of paris. He currently lives in Venice, CA.

Baij’s art consists mostly of digitally manipulated images and some text pieces with some video and sound bits. There may have been more that I am unable to identify. I particularly liked the section entitled “Animals made out of things.” I thought it was wonderfully creative and unique. I loved that he used non animal things to create the shapes of animals. Overall I feel like his art is a joke meant to be played on his viewers in some cases. His titles of pieces and website arrangement is part of his art, and frequently they are so ridiculous that you know it’s to mess with you. I was actually amused by the fact that he hasn’t made much money from the sale of his artwork (less than 70 dollars) and it actually made me appreciate what he does more. He should also consider himself lucky that I’m even doing this blog post, since I did the extra credit that exempted me from one of my posts. I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t amused by his work.

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Jamestown Trailhead (20 photos of a Place)

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Robin Rhode

Robin Rhode was born in 1976 in Capetown, South Africa. In 1998 he got a degree in Fine Art from Technikon Witwatersrand and then went into a postgraduate program at the South African School of Film, Television and Dramatic Art, both in Johannesburg. He works primarily with material such as charcoal, chalk and paint. He sometimes creates performances using his art. Some of his work also brings performance, painting, drawing, video, and digital animations together. He particularly likes to work in public spaces.

One of the most interesting parts of Rhodes’ work for me was his use of sequence. I feel like he is able to convey his message that much more clearly with every single picture he adds.  I feel like we are able to see clearly what he wants to get across and the many steps it takes. Like in his piece “Bathing Kings” we see the hands washing the card and it is odd because you don’t really understand why anyone would do that. But because of the many pictures in the sequence you start to feel like it is a perfectly acceptable thing to do because of the different ways you can see it. Also he photographed it in light that focused only on the hands and the washing, so there are no distractions and you focus only on those.

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